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Fuelling Workplace Wellbeing: Dragon Perks and Cnect Wales Unite for Employee Benefits Revolution

Dragon Perks and Cnect Wales Forge a Transformative Partnership for Employee Wellbeing and Engagement.  Dragon Perks, a leading provider of employee benefits and well-being solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Cnect Wales, a prominent organisation with exceptional experience of the service industry and contact centres in the UK, Europe and worldwide.   Recognising [...]

5 Steps to Creating a Highly Engaged Workplace Culture

We’re going to take a look at "5 Steps to Creating a Highly Engaged Workplace Culture"  in your company.  A highly engaged workplace culture is what makes a successful business. This means that team members across the board have a strong sense of motivation, purpose and commitment to their jobs and company. Beyond that, they [...]

The SME Advantage: Harnessing Employee Advocacy for Growth

In the dynamic world of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), every resource and strategy counts. One often-underestimated asset that can significantly impact an SME's success is employee advocacy. Harnessing the collective voice of your employees through advocacy programs can propel your business to new heights. In this blog, The SME Advantage: Harnessing Employee Advocacy for [...]

Quiet Quitting: A Silent Struggle in the UK Workforce

Why UK Workers Quiet Quit and How Companies Can Reignite Their Engagement  In 2022, the term "quiet quitting" swept through social media, capturing the essence of a pervasive workplace phenomenon. Coined on TikTok, this trend highlighted a subtle but significant issue in workplaces across the UK. Quiet quitting refers to employees who meet the basic [...]

3 Fun Activities for Hybrid Teams: Enhancing Workplace Culture

This article explores 3 fun, simple, and engaging ideas to enhance your company culture in the workplace. Workplace culture defines the personality and character of your organisation. Understanding it and making work a fun and connected place to be can significantly impact happiness and improve employee performance. So, let’s inject some fun into work! These [...]

Enhancing the Work-Life Balance: Employee Benefits Welsh Businesses

Welsh businesses are thriving, with 219,000 registered companies providing employment opportunities to 1.31 million people across the country. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, offering attractive employee benefits has become essential for attracting and retaining top talent. In this blog post, we'll explore the power of employee benefits and their impact on workforce engagement [...]

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Fun things to do at work

Task Master

Inspired by the popular Channel 4 TV show, this idea involves teams participating in quirky challenges for points, all under the watchful eye of a ruthless taskmaster. It’s a highly interactive and enjoyable way to engage your employees, connect team members, and compete from anywhere in the country.

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Who doesn’t relish a good quiz? Host a virtual or in-person quiz to inject some excitement into the workweek. Ideal timing would be at the day’s end or as a lunchtime social. We’ve written a fun quiz including a picture round, general knowledge, sport, film, TV, and music for you to download. Download it now and get Quizzical!

Download Quiz Pack

Virtual Bingo

Bingo, a timeless game played everywhere from retirement homes to summer camps, translates beautifully to the online realm. We suggest making this fun and bespoke to your organisation, by including phrases often said by your colleagues relating to your industry. You can download our office Bingo card to get started now.

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Dragon Perks Brochure
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Our brochure details a variety of discounts and well-being suites that will not only delight your employees but also improve their morale and experience at your company. Unlike other perk providers, there is only a minimum purchase requirement of 5 licenses and there are no charges for setup. Simply sign your company up, get logins, and start saving immediately. You can also purchase memberships for friends, family and clients.

With Dragon Perks, you can foster a sense of loyalty and create a positive working environment where employees feel rewarded for their hard work. Elevate your benefits program with Dragon Perks – the cost-effective ultimate choice for companies that value their employees’ happiness and success.

We understand that each organisation has its own set of goals and requirements. That’s why our demos are designed to be interactive, allowing us to address your specific questions and align our offering with your business needs. In just a short demo, we’ll show you how Dragon Perks can transform your workplace. We’ll guide you through our user-friendly platform, showcasing the seamless integration, extensive perks selection, and easy-to-use features.

Please make sure the person who will be your nominated scheme administrator is available to join the call. We look forward to guiding you through the realm of Dragon Perks and demonstrating the benefits that await your organisation. Get ready to experience the magic first-hand!

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