In the bustling world of business, where competition for top talent is fierce, showing love and appreciation to your employees has never been more critical. With recent research by Boundless revealing that a significant portion of UK businesses allocate between £101 and £200 per employee per month on benefits, it’s clear that investment in employee welfare is on the rise. Yet, is it enough? Show Love to Your Employees: Benefits They’ll Love

A staggering 69% of employees feel their companies should do more to support their personal finances, according to Claro Wellbeing’s Workplace Today report. This sentiment is echoed in their Financial Wellbeing report, which identifies money and health as the top concerns for employees. In this climate of financial and health uncertainties, benefits packages are not just perks; they are essential tools for attracting and retaining talent. One Medical’s research supports this, showing that 69% of employees would prefer one job over another based purely on the benefits offered.

Moreover, Willis Towers Watson highlights that a robust benefits package is a key factor for 75% of employees to stay loyal to their employer. In an era where health benefits are considered “very important” or “extremely important” by 89% of respondents, it is crucial for employers to step up their game. This extends beyond health; flexible working has become a staple expectation, with the 2023 CIPD study indicating over 4 million employees have shifted careers for more adaptable working conditions.

However, it’s not just about health or flexibility; it’s about supporting your employees through every aspect of their lives, including the cost-of-living crisis. Salary sacrifice schemes, for instance, offer a tax-efficient way to enhance employees’ financial well-being, from childcare savings up to £933 annually. Other perks that help with the cost-of-living crisis include discounts on fuel, groceries, day trips and more.

At Dragon Perks, we understand the complex landscape of employee needs and the pivotal role benefits play in meeting these needs. Our comprehensive platform offers a suite of benefits designed to support your employees’ financial, physical, and mental well-being, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated. From cashback options and exclusive discounts, Dragon Perks is your partner in fostering a supportive and engaging workplace culture.

It’s time to show love to your employees in a way that truly matters. Invest in their well-being, support their financial stability, and provide them with the flexibility they need to thrive both in and out of the office. Let Dragon Perks help you build a benefits package that speaks volumes of your commitment to your team’s happiness and success.

Book a demo with Dragon Perks today, and take the first step towards transforming your employee benefits scheme into a powerful tool for engagement, retention, and recruitment. Show your employees the love and appreciation they deserve with Dragon Perks.


Show Love to Your Employees: Benefits They’ll Love