This article explores 3 fun, simple, and engaging ideas to enhance your company culture in the workplace. Workplace culture defines the personality and character of your organisation. Understanding it and making work a fun and connected place to be can significantly impact happiness and improve employee performance. So, let’s inject some fun into work! These activities can take place virtually (helpful for organisations spread across the country, or with remote workers), in person, or in a hybrid setting. Enjoy!


  1. Task Master

Inspired by the popular Channel 4 TV show, this idea involves teams participating in quirky challenges for points, all under the watchful eye of a ruthless taskmaster. It’s a highly interactive and enjoyable way to engage your employees, foster connections among team members, and compete from anywhere in the country.

Getting Started:

  • Appoint a task master (and sidekick) to host and judge.
  • Organise teams – Optimal team size is 3-5, and consider mixing members to encourage interactions beyond their usual circles.
  • Set up communication channels – Whether using Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, or another tool, create separate team groups for challenge discussions and a main channel for submissions and judgement.
  • Begin the challenges – Release challenges and gather submissions. The ensuing amusement will captivate both participants and the wider team audience.
  • Keep score and declare a winner – Maintain a scoreboard and update participants. It’s amazing how competitive people can get! Culminate in a grand finale, announcing the winning team and presenting prizes.

For a full guide, including many exciting challenges, click here.


  1. Let’s Get Quizzical

Who doesn’t relish a good quiz? Host a virtual or in-person quiz to inject some excitement into the workweek. Ideal timing would be at the day’s end or as a lunchtime social. 


  • Confirm time and date – If virtual, set up a webinar, Teams meeting, Zoom, or your preferred platform.
  • Inform and gather interest – Let everyone know and collect registrations.
  • Create teams – Optimal size is 3-5. Diversify to encourage cross-functional mingling. Assign a team leader to record final answers and scores.
  • (For virtual) Set up channels – Whether through Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, or another tool, create groups for teams to discuss answers.
  • Begin the quiz – The quizmaster leads various fun and interactive rounds.
  • Declare the winner – Reveal answers at round’s end (except the emoji round). Teams trust-score themselves. Collect scores, and the quizmaster reveals the victor.

For a detailed guide and a fun quiz to download, click here.


  1. Virtual Bingo

Bingo, a timeless game played everywhere from retirement homes to summer camps, translates beautifully to the online realm. We suggest making this fun and bespoke to your organisation, by including phrases often said by your colleagues relating to your industry. Organising an online bingo game is easy, all you need to do is: 

  • Distribute bingo boards to your team.
  • Set rules and a playing timeline.
  • Track results and award prizes.

To download our office bingo board, click here.

We hope these suggestions ignite your workplace with energy! Why not take your employee engagement strategy further? Would you consider exploring our employee benefits portal?  It’s an affordable one stop shop to employee perks, retail cashback and discounts, Employee Assistance Programme and more. We’d be delighted to schedule a demo to introduce you to the possibilities.