Meet Generation Z: the digital natives born between 1997 and 2012, now claiming their spot in the UK workforce. With nearly 12.7 million populating the UK and about 4.3 million employed in 2022, they’re not just tech-savvy—they’re set to reshape how we think about work and consumerism. Unlike their predecessors, Gen Z’s digital fluency means they’re quick to skip ads and prefer authentic engagement, pushing brands to innovate beyond traditional marketing. 

As the most diverse generation yet, Gen Z champions inclusivity and is vocal about social issues like LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, and racial justice. Their progressive stance extends into the workplace, where they’re prompting changes in company culture and benefits. Gen Z isn’t just working for a paycheque—they want their work to mean something and their employers to reflect their values. 

The impact of COVID-19 starkly affected this group, with a significant portion experiencing job instability more than any other age group. Yet, they remain undeterred, making up the third-largest generation in the UK’s labour force today, and set to make up 27% of the global workforce by 2025. 

Generation Z is expected to redefine the workplace with their fresh perspectives, digital fluency, and strong value systems. Navigating this landscape, UK businesses must adapt or risk falling behind. Gen Z values health benefits and flexible working conditions more than ever. With the UK government setting new occupational health standards, businesses, need to step up their game.  

92% of 20somethings claim to use corporate jargon at work! So here’s a helpful table translating Gen Z Slang for the Corporate World…


Gen Z Slang   Meaning   In a Corporate Context 
No cap  I am not lying    

I thought you dealt with that client really well. No Cap. 


Cheugy  The opposite of trendy   

Those social media campaign ideas might have been all the rage in 2010, but today… totally cheugy. 


Drip  Very swag and cool   

Susan, your pant suit is dripping today! 


Hits different  Significantly better than usual   

Your town hall today… that hit different.  


Main character  You’re interesting and the main focus    

I just feel like, it’s my project, so I should be giving main character.  


Snatched  Something/ someone looks good    

Tim from IT looked snatched at the Christmas party.  


Bet  OK   

Question: Can you get that proposal to me by EOD?
Response: Bet  


Skrrt  Mimics the sound of screeching tires – used usually as an interruption   

Did you see my new company car? I came to work like skrrt!!! 


Understood the assignment  Totally nailed something   

That pitch… you understood the assignment.  


Say less  I understand    

Question: The client is ten minutes early and the meeting room isn’t ready…
Response: Say less 


Slaps  To be excellent or amazing   

Our new ad campaign slaps.  


Bussin’  Really, really good   

Fair play that corporate away day was bussin!  


Vibing  Tapping into good feelings   

Yeah, so during that meeting me and the client were just vibing.


Low-key  Moderate excitement    

Okay but I am low key loving the free biscuits in the office. 


G.O.A.T  An acronym for “Greatest of All Time”   

Janice in HR is the goat.  


Sus  Short for suspicious   

So, Derik hasn’t responded to any of my emails, seems sus.  



Disclaimer: This article was written by a Millennial marketing manager who believes they’re on the cutting edge of all things cool. Take our translation attempts of Gen Z slang with a grain of salt.  

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